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How To Execute a Service Call

 Six Power Steps to Improve Your Plumbers and Technicians Results

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I use to have to knock on doors and talk people into letting me into their homes but a few years ago I had a contractor ask me to help his technicians who are invited in.  The results have been tremendous.

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Listen in and I will shed light on…

How, When and Where to present the repair and service agreement

How to convert an HVAC repair into an appointment

Mistakes to avoid


These are the same steps I used with other plumbing and HVAC companies this year to…

Increase YTD revenue by 20% with 10% less calls

Increase revenue per ticket in one instance by $222.07

Increase technician HVAC leads by 300%

Minimize time spent with people who will not buy

Increase conversion rates on demand service

More than double a salesman’s conversion rate in 60 days

Increase conversion rate on service agreements

Create high quality HVAC leads from agreement clients who’s systems are working fine but would consider replacing


Rave reviews from others in your industry that I worked with…

 Micheal Matheson,  Detroit Michigan

“ After working with Roger our sales team and service team was able to establish unity of purpose.  The personal growth in individuals has been amazing.  We are asking better questions, generating more leads and closing more sales.  Last winter was the mildest winter on record in Detroit and our business was up 40% over the previous year.  We are doing more with less.  What Roger did for us was life changing”.


Rick Shortridge,  Lincoln Nebraska

 “Our investment in Roger has produced awesome results! Everyone that works here has a renewed energy.


Pam Leist,  Detroit Michigan

“ Roger is a communication expert and the mentality of our service technicians has changed.  Roger has done an amazing job teaching them to build rapport and build better relationships with customers. As a result Roger took us from a good business to a great business.  We had immediate results”.


Sally Allen, Athens Georgia

“Since working with Roger, I have seen my sales staff, service technicians and customer support representative all grow and become more productive employees and better representatives of my company. He provides step by step instructions on how to communicate with customers to build rapport and bonding for a trusting relationship. As a result, our staff is more confident, better prepared to deal with objections, and is more skilled in getting customers to tell us what they want. This all leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction”.



About the author, Roger Daviston

Roger Daviston is a personal growth consultant who gets measurable results. He facilitates and encourages individuals to change behavior and make different choices to achieve better outcomes.

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