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The Upselling Blueprint
The Upselling Blueprint
The Upselling Blueprint

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Service agreements can be the cause of considerable frustration. We price them low, and if we don't upsell anything, we are lucky to break even. This angst that I feel among my clients compelled me to write this e-book. It's short, to the point, and loaded with value.

A maintenance technician on the east coast is following these strategies, and by the end of October 2019, he had sold and installed $210,000 worth of accessories. That is an average of $21,000 per month. He runs only 5% trouble calls because he is learning service and how to repair things. However, he is profitable and valuable, having learned the strategies outlined in this book.

"Fair warning. These strategies are easy to implement. They are also easy NOT to implement. The choice is yours."

Excerpt of Ruth King's Foreword to The Service Call Blueprint

​Profitability Master and nationally recognized consultant to the HVAC industry

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