Daniel Ehlinger


As we turn the page of 2023 to 2024 I want to thank you Roger for the gift you have given us that keeps on giving. You have given us a process of where we can help our team grow. A process where we can have a life outside of Hvac/r work. I want you to know that you have been an incredible God send. You use scripture to help us to see how we needed to change and grow. You applied it in a way that brought understanding in ways we knew nothing of. You helped us to get rid of the head trash. You helped us to see less was more. You helped us to understand we have decisions in what we are willing to do or not. You have helped us to see 2 years ago we where working in silos ( working independently) not as a team. You have brought a business and personal mindset that says this is a safe environment to be vulnerable. To be real to deal with conflicts. When we don't deal with conflicts we don't grow. We aren't willing to learn from our mistakes. But you have taught us to see the conflicts as a challenge to grow us closer to one another. Roger you took a company that was two guys working in the field to a company in just a short time. Our company grew 60% this year. And without God working through Roger we would have never made it anywhere close to where we are today. It took 15 years to find Roger. As a company we used to work 80 hrs in the summer and 15 hours in the winter. We would work crazy hard in the hot months and make a little traction but in the winter we would spend all of the money we made. We where sick of that. Then Roger helped us to see we can work 40 hours a week make more money. Have a home/family life. And we can be profitable evan in the slow times. He changed our business to help our customers with a better service. He helped us go from 8-12 service calls a day to working 3 service calls a day and make a profit. Roger may God bless you abundantly this year.

John Godin
Service Manager
HomeBridge Canada Inc.

Myself & my service team just finished another one of your webinars. Just wanted to say thank you!! keep up the great work. Your info has helped me to build a successful service team.

Mike Rampey
Air AssurancE

First of all the numbers on the board show all the techs involved in the program are exceeding everyone else’s numbers. That is the true test. They also outnumber the number of turnovers. They also receive more spiffs by a large number than anyone. They all like the system and are excited about it.

Chris Bishop
Davis Heating and Air
Rocky Mount, VA

Roger, I was thinking this morning about my growth, the companies growth, and how the employees had grown. It dawned on me that we started doing this in March of 2014. In just 2 years we grew the company 55%. But what means the most to me is to see the growth of the people. I thank you for challenging me, and helping me grow knowing that the company can only be as big as the leader. My reward is seeing how everyone has improved their lives at work and at home. Again I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have helped us accomplish.

Michael S. Matheson
President and CEO
Matheson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Roger, we are busy. Doing our best to keep an even pace. Working late and doing 8 calls a day for each tech. The bad news is the techs are rushed. They go into the call saying they don't have time to build rapport and find opportunities. The good news is that the techs are telling me no matter what I do I can't shut Roger off anymore. He's part of who I am now. So as a result they find themselves sitting at the kitchen table doing everything you taught them. Travis sold a $700 repair and a $1,200 duct cleaning as a result. Trevor has had similar success. Everyone is bringing in LIFE leads. Thank you.

Kevin Freeman

Roger, just wanted to say thank you for the three days you spent with us. The observations and recommendations you gave us have been very valuable. After your first ride along with our techs we implemented your recommendations and in three weeks Scott sold $15,000 in equipment which was a 100% increase. Scott rarely sold anything prior to you spending a day with him. We have had several meetings with our techs about your ideas and have seen improvements across the board. We are planning to have you come back again before the end of the summer.

Todd Bertani
Sales Manager
Matheson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc

Our company contracted Roger Daviston for consultation six years ago when I was new to the company working as an entry-level salesman. When he began coaching me I was timid and green. My focus was primarily on dollar goals and putting in huge amounts of work hours in order to compensate for my inexperience and lack of confidence. Roger has given me the tools to gain confidence and remain assertive throughout the selling process. His coaching and support has taught me to ask useful questions in order to reveal the homeowners wants and needs. Most importantly Roger has taught me that humility and confidence are not opposing principles but rather character traits which are perfectly harmonious and necessary for success. I am currently the sales manager of Matheson Heating and find myself constantly using Roger's training methods to build a highly successful and happy sales team. As a whole, Roger continuously brings fresh and highly effective ideas to our team, and I can say without hesitation that we owe a large portion of our success to him.



After 8 months of learning from you our nets profits this year to date through June 2010 have increased 47.87%. We no longer beg for business at any price and have learned how to ask questions and qualify prospects much better. It feels very liberating to tell a sensitive shopper that we probably are not a good match for them. This has freed us up to spend time with people who are looking for a great relationship with with a reliable company that stands behind what they do and are not afraid to ask for what they are worth. Your professional services have helped us grow professionally and personally and you are truly appreciated and I would wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone or any organization.

Glenn Phillips
President, Forte Inc
Birmingham, AL

Roger, we don't get to visit as we once did, but wanted you to know that your instruction and guidance many years ago continues to serve me every day. Have a great week!

Doug Straus
Sales Person
Fargo, ND

Today I went canvassing as you have taught me because I had no leads and it was -10 outside. The third door I knocked on had a need and 20 minutes later I had a signed contact for a single stage furnace and duct cleaning. Wow God is too good to me!

Mark Still
Atlanta, GA

One of the most helpful people in my life has accepted my friend request. Thank you Roger Daviston, you helped me in my personal and professional life. 

Rex Holman
Hamrick Heating and Air

It has been several years since you introduced me to the concept of door knocking. As you know I resisted the idea, and was skeptical. I will never forget the time I picked a neighborhood and ten minutes later it started raining so I stopped. Before I got back to the office the phone had rung and it was a lady in that neighborhood where I left a post card. So I went back out and sold her a system. She referred me to another person and I sold her a system. Then later at that house the neighbors saw our truck and I sold them one too. That neighbor referred me to another person and we sold her a system too. I sold four systems within two weeks from the 10 minutes canvassing time that I so resisted and feared.

Bill Ledford
President, Service Engineering HVAC

I immediately noticed an increase in our sales volume and also saw that we were not as frantic in our efforts. Thank you for teaching us how to do a better job. We see your hand in our sales program.

Tom Meyer
President, Home Energy Center HVAC

I had a salesperson who was not achieving his potential. I thought an outside person might be able to get to him in a way I couldn't. Roger had him take a salesperson self evaluation test which gave my salesperson the tool to starting growing. Roger worked with him for just a few months on growth areas. Within a month or so his sales performance improved 30% and continues to get better. The one-on-one mentoring had a long term benefit for my salesperson and I got a very nice return on my investment. Sometimes it is easier to sub it out than try to do it by yourself.

Kent Penning
President, Cold Craft HVAC

Roger worked with John for 9 months and he was able to meet his sales goals consistently after working with Roger. Roger worked with Dennis for one year and was able to help him make the transition from the mindset of a technician to a successful commission sales person.

Mike Hobaica
President, Hobaicas Refrigeration HVAC

My primary sales person Craig has worked with Roger for about a year. In my opinion Craig was a very competent sales person prior to his training with Roger. However Roger has been able to help Craig. Craig's closing rate has increases from 45% to 65%. I feel like my yearly investment into this program has paid for itself in six months time. I have tried many sales training programs and none have had the success that Rogers has had within my company.

Bart Kowalski

Roger, you are truly an inspiration to me and many others. I can relate to your story because the same thing happened to me. But after I met you, my attitude towards life changed. I didn't focus on what was happening, I simply made it happen. Thank You for everything. God bless you.

Brett Hart
Lubbock, Texas

Happy 4th. Just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me and how I appreciate what you've done for our company. I'm so proud of Keith and have so much respect for him. My heart has been guilty in the past of taking for granted how hard he works for everybody. Our relationship is so much better as well as our communication. Love you man. Have a blessed weekend and thank you.

Brad Drake
Birmingham, AL

Yesterday afternoon I had a service call and pulled up to the house at 5:04PM. Normally I would have been thinking, "Let's see how fast I can get this done and go home." But, that's not according to Roger's instructions. I checked out the problem and found a bad condenser fan motor. I continued to check out the 12 year old system and found a dirty condenser coil, pitted contactor, and some air leaks around the evaporator coil. I built my menu starting with the fan motor. My Platinum level was $900 and included hard start and A/C Renew. I sat down with the wife and went over the menu. She said that she would need to discuss it with her husband when he got home. She offered to pay for the fan motor and I offered to wait and see what level of service they agree on so that we could do it one one invoice. I know these people and thought this would help in climbing the menu. She texted me later last night and chose the $900 Platinum service. We'll do that this morning. Thank you Roger, #amazedagain.

Chris Bishop
Davis Heating and Air
RocKy Mount, VA

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you've done this week! A lot of people were touched, and had some discoveries. I know you are doing what you are led to do, but the most important part is that you are listening to God and doing it. I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing to help our company and my family. Thanks.