Tech Coaching Program


From: Roger Daviston

Dear Business Owner,

If you’re frustrated with your service sales and feel stymied and stonewalled by your techs inability to change their behavior and get better results, I can help.  If your afraid of aggressive sales tactics, you should  be because customers don’t like it and it drives them away.  If you have an attitude of serving others and are concerned about the customers best interest but don’t know how to balance your own best interest ( profits, sales and revenue) without crossing the line of aggression this program is for you.

Our program is proven and now is your opportunity to join in.

I have several very good, long term, clients who requested to put their new technicians through our already proven process. Our problem is they live in Georgia, and Nebraska and I live in Manhattan. With only three people to train, and to make it more affordable, I have decided to open up our proven program to the public.

This program is proven and is much more than 9 classes. However, class will be taught in nine sessions over a three month period online… about an hour each.

The process includes one-on-one time with Roger for mentoring, debriefing, and coaching. I will take their calls when ever they need it. Those who grow call me when things go wrong.

Private FaceBook Group

Your techs will interact and learn from other trained and proven technicians that I have selected to help with the process. There are a select few who have achieved outstanding results over the last three years and they will help in the group. I will also be contributing through out the week with comments and answering group questions with posted videos.

Structured one on one coaching with the manager/owner. There will be 3 sessions (30 minutes each) monthly. Each month we will look at KPI’s and add accountability to the process. These sessions will be scheduled and are extremely important for you to get results.

What results should you expect?

Your technician will stop fixing so many old systems and will generate high quality leads for the sales department. If you sell one system from a tech lead, generated by the training, you will pay for the training 8 to 10 times. That alone is reason enough to invest in the training.

When spring comes you’ll be busier with installs.   You’ll probably sell a few systems on service agreement fulfillments that the tech normally would have missed. This always happens.  Your techs are missing these opportunities to serve others who are willing to replace even when the system is running fine.

By establishing accountability with the owner or manager, the tech sells more service agreements.  I ail show you how to do this.

The technician will generate more revenue from service agreement fulfillments on slow days. Especially with plumbing. The tech learns to ask better questions and listen so he helps the client discover real needs and wants. Read this blog post about Tom Kelley and how we made $1000 sale on a one year old system on a slow day. This stuff really happens. By the way… I am inviting Tom to be part of our private Facebook group. He believes in the process and is a real winner.

Every time I train a plumbing tech his average ticket goes up and he does more task per call.

What’s the bottom line?

If you have some seriously passive technicians in your service business, you’re probably missing a lot of opportunities to serve your customers better and make more money for your family. Everyone wins!

This is what Raymond Nalty said about my content.

“ At the 2012 annual meeting in January, I listened to Roger Daviston explain the difference between being passive, assertive, and aggressive. Knowing our culture, I knew the need to change our technicians attitude from passive to assertive. Aggressive manipulating sales would not work with our company. The numbers speak for themselves, but needless to say, I am very pleased with the training that Roger has provided”

So What’s included?

  1. Live online interactive classes. ( 9 one hour classes) Value $1200.00
  2. Access to my private Facebook group, where you can learn from other techs who have been though my training and grown. I also will be contributing to the group at various times though the week. $147.00
  3. One on One Phone Coaching. I will be available on Monday’s for prescheduled sessions as needed $1500.00
  4. KPI spread sheet. Sent to the manager or owner to measure results and to establish accountability. $19.00
  5. Online access to the recorded classes for 90 days.
  6. Owner manager coaching for added accountability. Three half hour sessions. We’ll look at the KPI’s and diagnose how management can facilitate personal growth in the technician. Value $500

Total Value of program $3385.00 per tech

Space is limited and registration will be cut off Friday Jan 17th at 5:00PM EST

This program runs for 90 consecutive days starting on Monday January 20th.

Classes will be at online and links will be emailed.

7:30AM Eastern / 7:45AM Central / 8:00AM Mountain / 8:15AM Pacific