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Putting Some Structure Around the Inbound Phone Call

A client of mine asked me to improve the process of booking inbound service calls. There was no structure, we were rambling and our conversion rate was low.

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What Is Pain?

It was amazing to hear—and see—the pain in the client’s voice and body language. We learned a great deal more about her problem that she had not even shared with us.

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What Lloyed Does to Sell UV Lights

I always enjoy riding with Lloyed and he has truly become a master at listening. Here are the notes that I made as Lloyed interacted with the client.

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  Let’s talk about the HVAC best practice for service calls of moving away from the furnace or condensing unit when you explain the client’s solution.  In other words, move away from the problem and then show them the fix and the price.   Why? It’s the same thing that our teachers use to do. […]

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