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Putting Some Structure Around the Inbound Phone Call

A client of mine asked me to improve the process of booking inbound service calls. There was no structure, we were rambling and our conversion rate was low.

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I believe salesmanship is influencing others to make the best choice for themselves while serving them with integrity and keeping their best interest in mind.

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Talk about money before you waste time doing a presentation.

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HVAC Sales Training

HVAC sales training can bring handsome returns on your investment but can be a waste of money if not reinforced by repetition, coaching and accountability.

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What Lloyed Does to Sell UV Lights

I always enjoy riding with Lloyed and he has truly become a master at listening. Here are the notes that I made as Lloyed interacted with the client.

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Success after a one day ride along !

Wayne was able to overcome a belief that the prospect only had a certain amount of money. Before we did our ride along Wayne’s biggest sale sale was $2400.

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