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Putting Some Structure Around the Inbound Phone Call

A client of mine asked me to improve the process of booking inbound service calls. There was no structure, we were rambling and our conversion rate was low.

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What Is Pain?

It was amazing to hear—and see—the pain in the client’s voice and body language. We learned a great deal more about her problem that she had not even shared with us.

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I believe salesmanship is influencing others to make the best choice for themselves while serving them with integrity and keeping their best interest in mind.

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Comcast Call a Good Example of What Traditional Sales Training Teaches

Recording of man’s attempt to cancel Comcast service is a good example of what traditional sales training teaches.

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Building Your Business Through Better Relationships

  Become sincerely interested in life and people, slow to speak and quick to listen. Stop selling and start connecting.  The big little secret that prevents most underperforming service people is their lack of desire to connect with the home owner. I hear this all the time from techs who get it.  “ I use […]

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