Wow… the IPad is making a difference so let’s talk about the HVAC repair presentation.


As you all know I ride along with technicians and plumbers.  One of my clients recently implemented Team Management Systems Acotruck mobile work order, and they have gone paperless… much like the apple store.


It’s amazing to see how much smoother the presentation goes.  The tech takes the home owner away form the problem just like we teach them and then shows them the repair in the IPad.  They do the zoom in thing with the thumb and finger, the customer looks real close ,and then they say  “Oh, okay”.


Now, it does not always happen that easy, however, I have seen this done thousands of time in the home.  Technicians that fumble around with a thick book or go to the truck to figure out the price loose credibility.  They open the door to breaking rapport and trust.


The IPad has definitely added credibility to the flat rate pricing process and clients feel more comfortable.  I encourage everyone to consider making the change from a flat rate book to a mobile book.  I have seen the difference and I’m out there in your clients home watching and listening.



About the author, Roger Daviston

Roger Daviston is a personal growth consultant who gets measurable results. He facilitates and encourages individuals to change behavior and make different choices to achieve better outcomes.

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