101 words and which build rapport with a wider spectrum of people.

 Everyone experiences the world through their own five senses. We see, hear, feel, taste and smell the world. Something may look right to one person and yet it may feel right to another.  The key to building deeper rapport with others is speaking words that are sensory specific.  When asking questions this is particularly helpful.

A person may have a problem but not be aware of it simply because of the way you asked it.  I asked a prospect a question and then said “ are you seeing or getting any of that in your business”? and he said no.  Yet when I asked him if he had a sense that it could be happening he said yes. He just simply could not see it and was not feeling it but it was there.

Below are a few phrases and questions that you can begin to use to engage different styles.

 See phrases

What would that look like?

How does that look to you?

Can we sit down and let me show you a few options?

Is this clear?

Let’s paint a picture

See, look, we can do x y and z can you imagine how that would look?


Hear phrases

How does that sound?

Lets talk about your options.

Does that ring a bell?

Tell me more…

Is anything that you heard me say clicking for you?


Feel phrases

Can we touch base tomorrow?

Lets walk through your options.

Is anything about your plumbing grating on your nerves?

Lets try to get our arms around this idea.


Let’s talk about the HVAC leads I use to get by canvassing.  Once I learned to use sensory specific words it helped me get more appointments.  When prospects would stand in the door and look interested I started weaving in the main three senses in the next question. Here is what I said.  “I can see that you are somewhat interested.  Look... all I think we’re going to do is sit down and talk, look over your options, and get our arms around the idea. If it looks good fine if not we’ll just forget it.  How does that sound?”  And they started saying…. “ sounds good”  Bingo appointment.


Below is a large list of sensory specific words.  Begin to use some them in your daily conversations.

Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Digital
An eye full All ears Boils down to Sence
Appears to me Audible Bounce Understand
Birds eye view Blabber mouth Catch Process
Catch a glimpse Buzz Connection Know
Clear Call on Come to grips Decide
Color Double talk Feel Experience
Dark Drumming Firm foundation Sequence of events
Dim view Earful Concrete
Enlighten Echo Grab
Envision Express Get
Eye to eye Hear Get the point Taste
Flash before me In tune with Get arms around Sweet
Focus Listen Grasp Bad taste
Foresee Loud Hand in hand Bitter sweet
Glance Manner of speaking Handle
Graphic Noise Hard
Hazy Noisy Touch on Smell
Horizon Purrs like a kitten Hit on Rotten
Illustrate Rings a bell Sink teeth into Smells fishy
Imagine Roar Impact
In light of Silence Pain in the neck
Look Sing Rough
Looks like Sounds like Sharp as a tack
Make a scene Speak Smooth
Mental picture Static Solid
Observe Tell Tender
See Out spoken Underhanded
Show Voice an opinion Exited
Stare Whispering Pull some strings
Tunnel vision Utterly All washed up
Visualize Harmony Tired
Well defined Let’s talk Walk through

About the author, Roger Daviston

Roger Daviston is a personal growth consultant who gets measurable results. He facilitates and encourages individuals to change behavior and make different choices to achieve better outcomes.

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