HVAC and Plumbing Service Call Tip



Focus on and solve the client’s original problem before you make other suggestions or you will appear to be self serving. When you arrive at the door, the customer usually has a certain amount of anxiety. Your goal should be to remove their anxiety by solving their problem. Do this first before you bring up other issues that you may see, hear or be concerned about.

Customers are more receptive to your message after the original problem has been solved because their emotional state has changed. Your message will be heard or listened to after their state has changed.

If you bring up several issues in front of the repair, you could confuse them and cause more anxiety. Do you know what it means to chunk things down? It means to do things in small pieces. There may be multiple issues in a house and you can explore multiple times and do multiple presentations.

Patience is a weapon and persuades. The Bible says, “With patience a ruler can be persuaded.” Slow down, but don’t take longer.

About the author, Roger Daviston

Roger Daviston is a personal growth consultant who gets measurable results. He facilitates and encourages individuals to change behavior and make different choices to achieve better outcomes.

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