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 Conflict Of The Will and Emotional State


You can download this audio file now.  In this teaching you will learn that communication is emotional not logical. In addition you will learn that resistance to your message cannot be overcome with skillful syntax, and that trying harder will not help.  The listener will not hear your message until they are ready and when the demons of resistance are gone.  This teaching is full of examples and illustrations  of how to pull back from resistance and allow it to vanish. Whether in sales or life, knowledge about this spiritual principle will help you communicate in the face of resistance and build better relationships.

Personal Development and Growth


You can download this audio file now.  One of the colossal misunderstanding in training is that teaching skills will produce better results.  In this teaching you will learn that skills must be supported and congruent with other things in a persons whole self and that change and growth take place at different levels.  Listen in and discover what could be preventing your progress toward lasting behavioral change.


Healthy Psychology for Salesmanship CD $29.00

After learning some basic relationship rights, you will begin to notice that you have more choices. By encouraging you, the sales person, to understand that “ no” is a healthy word, and sometimes the best choice, you can begin to embrace “no”, which opens up more space for the prospect to say “yes”. But we are always okay with our prospects saying “ no” because we respect their right to do so.In this CD you will learn the difference between aggression, assertiveness, passivity, and passive aggressiveness. This CD will help you relate to your prospects in a healthier manner, and it also will facilitate more open and honest interaction during the sales process.

The goal of this CD is to teach you how to have open, honest, and respectful interaction with your prospects.

How to Make Cold Calls CD $29.00

My goal is to teach you how to gain permission to speak, while at the same time getting the prospect to listen. Once you master this process you will be able to generate replacement leads by dialing the phone or door to door canvassing.In this CD you will learn how to make a cold call that feels comfortable to both you and the prospect. You will learn how to get the prospects attention by interrupting the pattern and disconnecting emotionally. You will also learn how to gain control of the call without resorting to manipulation or aggression.

Telephone Coaching

Telephone coaching facilitates change in each client. The most frustrating thing for me as a sales trainer was to watch students who stayed the same and never changed. Telephone coaching allows me to drill down deeper into what prevents a person from implementing the new skills they have learned. In my own process of personal growth, it helped me to be able to call my mentor when the challenge was fresh on my mind. It was helpful to express what I did and what happened. Generally there was something else I could have done and talking to my coach helped me to see more choices.

Jill was a client of mine who said this about my coaching “ You have really helped my relationship with my boss. You weren’t reluctant to say the “hard stuff” to both me and my boss. You helped me see what I do that contributes to the problem and identify way’s that I can change myself to improve the situation.”

Coaching is very focused, unique, and personalized to each individual. I have led thousands of coaching sessions and each individual has his or her own unique fears or roadblocks. Tommy said “ rejection use to be a really hard thing for me and now I look at it totally different. I learned from you that prospects are not rejecting me, they are rejecting my product.”

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