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Roger's popular book, The Service Call Blueprint, reveals exactly how to execute a service call and maximize revenue in the process. But how do you book and dispatch the service call for maximum profit potential in the first place? Roger walks you through the entire process in Passing the Baton, the latest book in his Blueprint Series.

If we think about the HVAC or plumbing residential service and replacement business as a relay race, it isn't until the third lap where the actual Service Call takes place. The first two laps deal with booking and dispatching the service call. And that is what is laid out in extreme detail and with multiple real world examples and case studies in Passing the Baton. If you don't start the race off right, you will not win. It's as simple as that.

In a relay race, team members complete each lap, and then pass on the baton to another runner to take a turn; it’s all about contribution. The outcome of the race is determined based on how well participants run each lap and how effectively the baton passes from one runner to the other. Drop the baton, and you lose. Run too slowly, and the competition wins.

"Fair warning. These strategies are easy to implement. They are also easy NOT to implement. The choice is yours."

Excerpt of Ruth King's Foreword to The Service Call Blueprint

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