Online Training For Plumbers and HVAC Technicians


This Class is specifically designed for plumbers and HVAC Technicians. You will learn…

• Ten tips to help build instant rapport when you arrive.

• One solid technique for helping new customers relax.

• Where NOT to present your solution.

• How and when to approach the subject of service agreement.

• Six steps to every service call.

• Seven keys for presenting the repair.

• How to help people make decision.

• How to avoid a frequent rapport breaker at the end of the service call.

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Read what others are saying about this information….

Micheal Matheson,  Michigan“

After working with Roger our sales team and service team was able to establish unity of purpose.  The personal growth in individuals has been amazing.  We are asking better questions, generating more leads and closing more sales.  Last winter was the mildest winter on record in Detroit and our business was up 40% over the previous year.  We are doing more with less.  What Roger did for us was life changing”.

Rick Shortridge  Nebraska

“Our investment in Roger has produced awesome results! Everyone that works here has a renewed energy.