What Are You Planting For Next Years Harvest




The laws that govern the earth are extended out of the spirit world into the visible world and everything in the earth is a duplicate of the way the spirit world works.  In other words, what we see is a reflection of what we cannot see.  The visible is a reflection of the invisible.

To illustrate lets look at farming.  The farmer sows a seed, goes to bed and gets up.  If he sows tomatoes he gets tomatoes. Even If the farmer is a good Christian farmer, if he sows marijuana he gets marijuana.  The soil does not make a judgement about right or wrong.  It simply produces what was planted.  The law is sow a seed and reap a harvest .  And the seed is planted in the soil.

The laws of the universe are set into motion and our thoughts and words will either take us over in life or bring us down.  The human spirit is like the soil of the farm.  It produces what is planted in it.  Earl Nightingale taught us in The Strangest Secret that we become what we think about.  Jesus taught us that if you speak to your problem and you do not doubt in your heart but believe that what you say will happen, it will happen.

The human spirit is the soil.  Thoughts, words spoken (especially over and over) combined with faith are seeds.  Think a thought over and over, speak about it over and over and sooner or later you’ll begin to believe it. Go to bed and get up, go to bed and get up, over and over, and sooner or later it will manifest in time and space.  It may take years it may take a few months.

It was a week before Christmas many years ago and my father sat down in my office across from my desk and said to me. “ Well I guess your year is over… everybody who is going to invest in your services has probably already decided and things will wind down for the year”.  He loves me and this is not what he wants for me so why is he speaking it?  This is not what I want so why would I agree with it in faith and plant it with spoken words of agreement?  I listened to him respectfully.  Then, this is how I responded. I said …No No and held my hand up like stop.  I do not agree with that.  Let me tell you what I believe”.  And then I described to him everything in my pipeline that would close by the end of the year, as I wanted it to be.  Then I added some other things that God said about it. I said  “God said that he takes pleasure in my prosperity and the blessings of Abraham are also mine”.  If you don’t know Abraham he was a real rich guy.  My dad got mad and left and I closed all those deals by the end of the year.  If I had gotten into agreement with my father and spoke as he had it would have happened differently.

Faith is the substance of things not seen and hoped for.  Pixels on your computer screen are the substance of what you see.  Pixels are thousand of tiny littles dots that make up a beautiful picture and the more dots the clearer the image.  We literally rearrange substance (pixels) in the spirit realm when we speak.  Words that come out of your mouth, agreed with in your heart, literally work to rearrange quanta.

Physicist are now saying that when you break down the smallest particle of the universe  you find nothing to be there.  They say that the smallest piece of the universe is an event and that everything is a probability of existence.  They also say that at the quantum level particles manifest and become things when they are observed and all the other probabilities collapse.

Faith observes the unseen.  Observe what you want, think about what you want, and speak in agreement about what you want. Use your words to change your situation not describe it.  Faith can allow you to live above your circumstances and everything that you see can be temporary.  You can begin right now to change your mind.  Will your self to think different and talk different to change your life.

About the author, Roger Daviston

Roger Daviston is a personal growth consultant who gets measurable results. He facilitates and encourages individuals to change behavior and make different choices to achieve better outcomes.

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