How to generate HVAC leads



How to generate HVAC leads

August was always a difficult month for me in the HVAC business.  The phones slowed down, people waited out the heat, knowing cooler weather was around the corner, and business always took a slide, so we had to be proactive.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to do this, but we canvassed neighborhoods. It worked if you knew how to do it and went in the right neighborhood.   We knew that every 13th person who came to the door would set an appointment because we measured it.  I won’t even waist keystrokes to explain how. When I teach this, people look at me like I have three heads or something.  So, if you are in enough pain to knock, give me a call.  Otherwise, I won’t waist your time here.

So what else can you do?  Anything that is proactive. Here is an old blog that explains a unique way to target a neighborhood and get phone numbers.  Please check with you attorney before doing this, but I believe that telemarketing laws do not apply.

Here is my promise to you.  Listen to the audio that Ruth King and I did together on how to make a cold call and I’ll help you write a script for free.  It is possible to set appointments and make some sales when the phone isn’t ringing.

The idea that worked for me “ How to generate HVAC leads really fast”


How To Make A cold Call Audio




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