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Roger Daviston



Topics we are going to cover



In this Topic we will discuss how the principles of boundaries apply to the sales process in creating clarity about who owns what. We’ll discuss how boundaries define who we are, who we are not, what we are willing to do and what we are not willing to do as it applies to the relationship with the prospect or client.


​The weight of responsibility

In this topic we will discuss responsibility and how to resist losing control of what you are responsible for in the sales process and why allowing this weakens the sales process, causes resentment and feelings of being overwhelmed. Do not lose control of your property.


The resistance demons

In this topic we will discuss how to respond to resistance to your message. We’ll bust the misconception that getting a person to hear your message depends on eloquence of speech, logic and simply trying harder.


​Speaking the Truth in Love. How to be an Assertive Sales Person.

We will discuss assertive behavior and compare and contrast it with aggression and passivity as it relates to the sales process.

​Who am I anyways?

Roger Daviston

Roger Daviston is a personal growth consultant who gets measurable results. He facilitates and encourages individuals to change behavior and make different choices to achieve better outcomes.



Continues to serve me every day...

Roger, we don't get to visit as we once did, but wanted you to know that your instruction and guidance many years ago continues to serve me every day. Have a great week!

GLENN PHILLIPS  //  CEO, Lake Homes Realty

I’ll be recommending it to all LHR agents I speak with in the near future...

Hello Roger, I wanted to THANK YOU for the AWESOME class I recently took with you and other Lake Homes agents on Zoom. Diving into learning more in depth about the sales process and how buyers and sellers generally think and act was very beneficial. We all know the process but the depth you went into it helped me a lot. Learning the Clear Step was also beneficial. The Time Management section has definitely helped my business. The whole class was absolutely wonderful and I’ll be recommending it to all LHR agents I speak with in the near future. It was worth every cent. Looking forward to our “coaching sessions” and growing my business with your assistance. Best regards.

KAREN PACKETT-ANDERSON  //  Selling Broker at Lake Homes Realty

​What else are you going to learn

​Gossip, triangulation, sarcasm, blaming, offense and anger

We’ll also discuss these toxic behaviors, why they undermine unity and why they are a hinderance to high performing systems.

​Speaking the truth in love: how to be assertive

We’ll discuss what is assertive behavior and contrast and compare it to aggression and passivity.

Your Eleven basic relationship rights

We’ll discuss 11 basic relationship rights that are derived from an assertive mindset and these rights help you create and maintain God pleasing self care.

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