Guard the Doors of Your Mouth - The Daviston Group

Guard the Doors of Your Mouth

If it’s true that you become what you think about, and you think about what you are most exposed to, then ask yourself these questions: Who are my friends? Who am I spending my time with? Who do I confide in?

Choose very carefully who you spend your time with and with whom you share your dreams, because not everybody wants you to achieve beyond them. It’s easy to become discouraged by others. Others can and will speak negative things about you and it has the potential to oppress your spirit. Some days we just feel bad because others are speaking negative things about us. Words have the power to destroy.

Join the crowd that wants to pull you up to where they are and will cheer you on. Join the crowd who will protect you and not gossip. There won’t be many.

Micah 7:5 Put no trust in a neighbor, have no confidence in a friend; guard the doors of you mouth from her who lies in your arms.