You Have Access To God’s Wisdom. So Set The Goals High.


Set the target.  The only responsibility that we have in the achievement process is to set the target.  Think about the target and talk about it, because that communicates to your unconscious that your target is something that you would like to have. You also need some degree of faith and believe that the target already exist and you just simply need to reach it.  This is much like a torpedo which zig zags back and forth toward it’s target.  The torpedo has been preprogrammed about the target and moves toward it.  You are no different.  Act as if the target already exist.  Without Faith it is impossible please God.  Go read Mark 11:23

Think in terms of the end result. Do not think about the “means” or “the how”  your unconscious mind will do this for you and God will also help.  Listen to hunches that come to you and act on them in wisdom.  Keep a journal beside you bed and write down those things that come to you at 3:00AM so you don’t  forget them.  Journal your progress and think about what you want. Keep it in your mind.

Confront Fear of Failure. Big goals take time and there will be setbacks.  Most of what I have learned is because I did it wrong in the beginning.  Lessons that are learned form mistakes and failures are how we grow.  Expect setbacks and embrace them but don’t repeat the behavior that lead you to the wrong outcome.  Adjust and attempt something else.  Moses was called to deliver the Jews from Egypt so he went out and killed an Egyptians solder and became a fugitive. After that he lived in the wilderness for about forty years preparing for the task. Later having acquired what he needed he was able to kill the whole Egyptian army with Gods help. Forty years before he could not kill one solder without becoming a fugitive on the run.

Acquire skills by trial and error.  Take action and forget the behavior that led to failure and remember the behavior that led to success.  Model the successful behavior and repeat it.  Adjust as you approach the target.

Faith- Trust God. Trust yourself. Trust the process. Avoid anxiety and do not force things.  When you are in sink with your purpose and on target it will become easy.  There won’t be any guarantees in advance.  You’ll pull on resources and skills as you need them.  Show up and play the music so to speak.  Relax and live in the present. Do not wait to act until you have proof.

About the author, Roger Daviston

Roger Daviston is a personal growth consultant who gets measurable results. He facilitates and encourages individuals to change behavior and make different choices to achieve better outcomes.

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