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What To Do With a “Think It Over”

Frustrated by difficult prospects?


Getting the run-around?


Feel like you’re chasing a person who is hiding?


Newton’s Third Law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Furthermore, Edwin Friedman teaches us that communication is not logical but emotional; and when your words are pursuing others, they are not listening.


When a prospect tells you he wants to “think it over,” it’s time to bury the dead man and encourage them say “NO.” If they agree with you, then they could have become a hider, one you might have spent countless time and enrgy chasing. In this case, “NO” is a great word. Don’t be afraid of “NO” because it’s a perfect place to start selling.


Sandler teaches us to end the sales call early so you can get started. When a prospect tells you “NO,” which is extremely rare, simply respond with “thank you.” Proverbs 24:6 tells us that an honest answer is like a kiss on the lips. I say alleluia for an honest prospect. Why fault a prospect for being transparent and honest in their  “NO.”


I have made many sales after I hear “NO,” but I had to learn how to help the prospect be honest with me and with himself. You do this by being assertive. I will list the steps in how to assertively ask for what you want in life.


1. Express what you see or hear. “ Mr. prospect I see that you want to think it over and under no circumstances are you ready to make a decision. Am I right?”


2. Express what you feel about what you see or hear. “Let me be honest, do you know how many people call me back once I walk out this door?” NOBODY ever calls me back and usually I call leave a voice mail and never can get a call back. I kind of get the same feeling.


3. Ask for what you want. “Can you do me a favor? If you’re really at “NO” can you just be honest with me and yourself and tell me “NO?”


4. State the benefit or consequence. “Because if you are really at ‘NO,’ then I won’t chase you and you won’t have to avoid me”