You’ll never hear a sales trainer tell you this one. But people have the right to take time and think before they decide to say yes or no.  There it is… I said it.  If sales is relational, if the sale comes from the relationship, if people buy from you because they trust you, then we must respect their right to take time and think.

Don’t go crazy on me.  The salesman has some relationship rights too. And one of those is to expect open and honest communication.

Let’s talk HVAC for a minute.

Often prospects use “ think it over” as an avoidance strategy to avoid telling you “NO”.  The challenge then becomes, how do you confront the possibility that the prospect is being less than honest without loosing the connection and breaking rapport. Those who learn this skill have shorter sales cycles and don’t chase dead end deals with hiding prospects.  You got any hiders?

See, when the prospect throws you a “think it over” it could just simply be an underhanded way of telling you something that they’re not willing to tell you in an upfront, direct and honest fashion.

I can’t teach you this in a blog post but for those of you who want to begin to learn this skill, you can download two audio lessons.


Listen first to “Will Conflict and Emotional State”  

click here its fourth from the top  http://ronpassaromusic.com/rogerdaviston.com/class-room-seminars/

Listen second to  “How To Make a Cold Call”  You’ll hear and feel the energy of the process


Click here it’s the first one   http://ronpassaromusic.com/rogerdaviston.com/class-room-seminars/



Remember Change the behavior… Change the result

God Bless!

About the author, Roger Daviston

Roger Daviston is a personal growth consultant who gets measurable results. He facilitates and encourages individuals to change behavior and make different choices to achieve better outcomes.

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