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How I Responded to My Crisis

How I Responded To My Crisis

I had reached most of my life’s goals by age thirty-eight, which was twenty-two years ago. I sold my business of forty employees but was empty. Something was missing, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Little did I know, but soon, I would enter into seven years of hell and financial famine. The crisis broke emotionally and financially.   

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How to Establish Control of The Service Call

As a result of planning ahead and moving ahead of events, assertive persons have less chaos in their lives because they took care of it before it arrived.

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Who Told You?

Be extremely careful about what you receive from another person. Do not allow others to speak negatively over you, and especially do not receive it. Some of you may think that this is silly, but the law of faith is real.

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Shoe Shine Scam

The Shoe Shine Scam: Lessons In Firmly Saying No

Last week, I became a victim of the Shoe Shine Scam – or was I a victim at all? The event reinforced two valuable lessons; First, the importance of resisting, and, second, making an excuse for what happens to you is always the wrong response to a situation.

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The Value Of A Stand-Up Meeting

Guests to Charleston’s are always welcomed by a smiling host, who highlights the important information about the restaurant and guides diners to their tables.

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The Relationship Between Dispatcher and Technician

Mutual respect and trust between the dispatcher and technician are the foundations of team unity.

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Case Study: The Unreasonable Customer

Dismissing an unreasonable customer is no small feat. However, doing so taught me the value of setting boundaries and saying no in the face of fear.

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The Promise, Problem and Provision

After this process of perseverance, things outside of yourself will begin to happen to propel you forward.

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Fake Words

The key is to be sincere, genuine and honest but don’t use your words to manipulate past their pain.

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Receiving Freely

The measure of a healthy relationship is how a person receives from another. One can receive from another based on what is fair or he can receive freely.

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