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How to Canvass a Neighborhood

To canvass a neighborhood, a salesperson must become comfortable with hearing no. How do you achieve comfort in hearing no?

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Money Grows on Trees

Counter to popular belief, I maintain that money does grow on trees. How? In our industry, it’s through canvassing in the right neighborhood. 

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Prospecting and Pure Cold Calling: Ugh!

Whether face-to-face or on the telephone, approaching someone that we don’t know makes most of us feel uncomfortable.

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No Excuses: Be Proactive

At the age of ten, I learned that if I wanted something, I could make it happen. In 1970, my father would take the family to the Westlake Mall.

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The Perfect Voicemail Message

Most of us don’t answer the phone when an unrecognized caller ID appears. Think about it, do you answer these calls?

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Proactively Call Your Database

Reaching out to your database is the easiest way to get proactive. So, during a slow period, both salespeople and CSRs should have a list of numbers ready.

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Behaviors That Lead To Appointments

If your salespeople don’t have an appointment set up with a prospect, customer, or client, they need to be out in the field engaged in an activity that will generate an appointment.

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Who Told You?

Be extremely careful about what you receive from another person. Do not allow others to speak negatively over you, and especially do not receive it. Some of you may think that this is silly, but the law of faith is real.

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Shoe Shine Scam

The Shoe Shine Scam: Lessons In Firmly Saying No

Last week, I became a victim of the Shoe Shine Scam – or was I a victim at all? The event reinforced two valuable lessons; First, the importance of resisting, and, second, making an excuse for what happens to you is always the wrong response to a situation.

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Free Will

Free Will To Choose

An assertive person believes that they have options and free choice. Any decisions are made independently, without considering the expectations of others. Unfortunately, many people feel an obligation to seek approval, and as a result, don’t choose for themselves.

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