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Who Are You?

Do you know who you are and who you are not?  You might think this is a silly question but stay with me because the picture that we have of ourselves roots us and defines our limits and capabilities.

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Can You Accept Yourself When You Fail? The Narcissist Boss Certainly Can’t Accept You.

If you are going to succeed, you must have the courage to fail, and fail you will. Failure is only feedback that you need to change something. You did something and got an unwanted outcome.

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Asking For What You Want Directly Is A Courageous Act

Taking the initiative and asking for what you want directly with respect takes courage and vulnerability because you risk hearing the word no.

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How Do You See Vulnerability

Friday, I flew home from Davis Heating and Air in Rocky Mount Virginia. Chris, the owner, asked me to do two morning sessions on boundaries with his forty people. In the afternoons, I meet with the management team.

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Triangulation Must Be Part Of Our DNA

I allowed someone to triangulate me, but I warned the owner about it in advance.

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Do You Want To Be a Leader or a Dictator

I’ve recently noticed articles about cultures of kindness in different publications. While kindness is good, there is much more. This subject approaches the condition of a person’s heart, and kindness is only a small part.

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Are You Overwhelmed, Overly Busy, and Burned Out Most of The Time?

If so, you might be over-responsible for other people’s responsibilities.

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A Culture of Blame, Belittlement, and Punishment

A business is a system of relationships, and individuals in the company system come from another system called the family system. The family systems from where these individuals come from are all different, and each family system has its toxic patterns.

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Feeling Obligated? It Leads To Resentment.

Are you doing your job obligated to do so or because you have a responsibility to your employer?

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To Be Unclear Is To Be Unkind

Matt Koop, creator of The the New Flat Rate, and I were talking, and our talks tend to gravitate toward spiritual things.

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