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Why Only This Week?

This is the week that we celebrate Thanksgiving, and on Thursday many of us will spend time with family and eat more than we should.

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Can I Get a Little Respect

I think that we all would agree that respecting others is an admirable quality to possess.

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Expressing Anger!

Anger is an emotion related to how you think about having been wronged, offended or denied something with a tendency to react though retaliation.

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Character Is What You Have Left Over After You Persevere

We have all been there. That paralyzing feeling that you get in your gut when you think about doing something new and how you may feel if you don’t succeed.

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Leadership: Obligation vs. Giving and Receiving Freely

Sunday Night Blab: Leadership: Obligation vs Giving and Receiving Freely.

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Pathogens In Company Culture

New video by Roger Daviston – Pathogens in Company Culture

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How to Foster Unity of Purpose in Your Culture

Often in my consulting business, I will see a pattern of shaming and ridiculing in the company culture. The boss does it and allows it to be done.

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Where There is Unity There is Prosperity

Prosperity and success flow from unity. It is necessary for a company (marriage, family, team, church, trade organization, nation etc). to become as one, speaking the same language, planning, imagining and working in unity to achieve success.

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We’re all familiar with sarcasm. It’s a seemingly innocent way of poking fun at a friend or loved one by using irony to convey contempt.

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