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Small good habits over time

Small, Good Habits Over Time

I disagree with the concept of taking massive action steps. It’s not huge strides that make the difference. It’s the small, good habits repeated that compound over time and lead to success.

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How I Responded to My Crisis

How I Responded To My Crisis

I had reached most of my life’s goals by age thirty-eight, which was twenty-two years ago. I sold my business of forty employees but was empty. Something was missing, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Little did I know, but soon, I would enter into seven years of hell and financial famine. The crisis broke emotionally and financially.   

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How To Find New Customers and Keep From Losing Your Current Ones

Join Roger as he interviews Sean Griffin who owns and manages a marketing “boutique” business called Cornerstone Services, Inc.

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When To Bury The Sale

Burying the sale means letting go of an opportunity. Remember, often success comes from when you say no.

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How to build rapport

How To Establish Rapport

Rapport is a loop of conversation where you feel in sync with another person. In the sales process, that link is between the salesperson and a prospect.

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The Power of Connecting With People

I believe connection is hard to define, but we know when we’ve connected with someone, and we know when we haven’t.

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I Have an Appointment. Now What?

Setting an appointment is only the first step. It’s during that appointment where you convert a prospect into a customer, and down the line establish a client relationship.

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Building Business Through Better Relationships: Six Steps in Booking a Successful Inbound Call

During each inbound call, you only need to follow six simple steps which lead to better, stronger relationships and increased profitability for your business.

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Our Results Are A Function Of Our Words

When we declare and decree something, it manifests itself, and a light shines on our path.

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How To Dispatch Technicians, Slow Down And Make More Net Profit From Each Call

Watch Roger as he goes one-on-one with David Ariano of Ravina Plumbing in Chicago.

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