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You Have Access To God’s Wisdom. So Set The Goals High.

  Set the target.  The only responsibility that we have in the achievement process is to set the target.  Think about the target and talk about it, because that communicates to your unconscious that your target is something that you would like to have. You also need some degree of faith and believe that the […]

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How To Generate Residential Replacement HVAC Leads

Salespeople who focus on the the relationship as apposed to focusing on the transaction will have more transaction over time.  See this article in the Harvard Business Review This also applies to technicians, and plumbers.  I have witnessed over 600 service calls in the last 3 years and those technicians and plumbers who focus […]

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Building Your Business Through Better Relationships

  Become sincerely interested in life and people, slow to speak and quick to listen. Stop selling and start connecting.  The big little secret that prevents most underperforming service people is their lack of desire to connect with the home owner. I hear this all the time from techs who get it.  “ I use […]

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What Are You Planting For Next Years Harvest

  The laws that govern the earth are extended out of the spirit world into the visible world and everything in the earth is a duplicate of the way the spirit world works.  In other words, what we see is a reflection of what we cannot see.  The visible is a reflection of the invisible. […]

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Are we learning to manipulate prospects in our HVAC sales training?

Traditional HVAC sales training teaches one to push against resistance when prospects say “no”. Are we manipulating our prospects?

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How to generate HVAC replacement leads really cheap and fast.

I know that we are all very busy installing and making money during this very hot summer.  However, the lean times will return soon.  What are you planning to do about the slow times?  We don’t have to sit idle and wait on the phone to ring, or the weather to turn extreme.  So, what […]

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