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The Power of Connecting With People

I believe connection is hard to define, but we know when we’ve connected with someone, and we know when we haven’t.

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Our Results Are A Function Of Our Words

When we declare and decree something, it manifests itself, and a light shines on our path.

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Our Words Dominate Us

Unfortunately, many of us don’t pay attention to what we say. Even worse, we don’t realize or even believe that our words affect the outcome of our life.

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How to Establish Control of The Service Call

As a result of planning ahead and moving ahead of events, assertive persons have less chaos in their lives because they took care of it before it arrived.

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Who Told You?

Be extremely careful about what you receive from another person. Do not allow others to speak negatively over you, and especially do not receive it. Some of you may think that this is silly, but the law of faith is real.

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Shoe Shine Scam

The Shoe Shine Scam: Lessons In Firmly Saying No

Last week, I became a victim of the Shoe Shine Scam – or was I a victim at all? The event reinforced two valuable lessons; First, the importance of resisting, and, second, making an excuse for what happens to you is always the wrong response to a situation.

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Assertive Behavior: Healthy Communication

Unlike aggression and passivity, assertiveness does not move against the self or others; it respects others while respecting the self.

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Speaking the Truth In Love: Assertive Not Passive

Silent treatment as a way of punishment is an example of non-verbal aggression; it is a choice to not engage with an individual on purpose.

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Speaking The Truth: Respect And Love

Understanding and owning your behavior transforms a business from a toxic environment to a workplace where relationships and business thrive alongside each other.

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Success Comes From What You Say No To

Clarity leads to focus: Define who you are and what you do and say no to all the other business.

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