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Are You Disappointed in Your Answering Service?

I was shocked when I first listened to how new prospects reacted to hearing the answering service say this: 

"I can take a message and have someone call you back."

I could hear by the tone of their voice, the frustration that it caused. One morning we lost a profitable service call because by the time we called the prospect back, they had already booked the appointment with someone else. Your customers want what they want when they want it, and you should be booking calls when they call. 

Another client of mine tasked certain people to call back each message. He told me he had two frustrations. First, the callbacks were not timely and sometimes missed. Secondly, it was wearing out his team. The team needed a rest at the end of the day.

Eighteen months ago, I put together a team who can book your calls as they come in. It's very affordable and will give you an excellent ROI. We even help out with dispatching. In July, we booked 137 services at an 89% conversion rate. WE DO NOT TAKE MESSAGES and help people with other things because we have access to the system.

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