The Invisible Side Of Business

Spiritual laws of the universe embed all actions, and our choices determine our consequences. See if you can finish these idioms. Birds of a feather flock _______. What goes around comes _______. The New Testament says do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So where is the wisdom in all of this? Could it be that the emotions, conditions and circumstances that we create for others return to us multiplied?

Consider the law of the farm which says plant a tomato seed and reap tomatoes multiplied. All of our actions ultimately produce fruit that sprout in due season. If the harvest of your life does not look like what you hoped, examine yourself. What am I sowing? What seeds am I planting.

I am a personal development coach. As such, I work in businesses with owners, managers, salespeople and customer service representatives. When an owner hires me to help his sales people make cold calls and be proactive, my first advice is to remove the no soliciting sign. Why would this be important? This is the reason. If I want to reap acceptance from other businesses I have to sow acceptance of other businesses. If salespeople want to create an environment of open communication, they must be receptive to other salespeople.

I often run into salespeople who have a difficult time dealing with prospects who shop around for a better deal. Usually these salespeople are shopping around for better deals for themselves, so when they are in the role of the salesperson they experience a similar condition that they created for others. If you are a sales person and have a tendency to shop around for a better deal when you buy goods or services, stop doing this — you don’t want to be on the receiving end of it . I buy like I sell. I look for someone I can trust, who is credible and has what I need within my budget. And I generally run into like minded people when I am selling my service. Remember the idiom “birds of a feather flock together”.

Owners always hire me to help them make more money, and they think all I need to do is teach their sales people some new fancy skills or a new way to say something. Often when I arrive I find salespeople who are unmotivated and have negative outlooks because the company planted seeds that produced a very bad crop. When the owners and managers start planting better seeds they reap a better crop.
So, go and sow some kindness somewhere today or maybe just find some ground where patience or self control could be cultivated. Planting seeds of forgiveness reaps a good crop too. In general a company with a whole lot of love reaps the best crop